Power Integrations (NASDAQ: POWI) is the only publicly traded semiconductor company solely focused on the high-voltage power conversion market.

POWI’s innovative products bring the benefits of integration – reliability, size, ease of design and manufacture, and energy-efficiency – to a broad addressable market that includes AC-DC power supplies, LED lighting, brushless DC motors used in appliances and industrial applications, and gate drivers used in high-power systems such as solar and wind energy, electric vehicles, DC transmission lines and industrial motors. Key attributes of the POWI story include:


Highly focused, pure-play business model


30+ years of pioneering innovation in high-voltage power conversion backed by extensive patent portfolio


Large, expanding addressable market


Exposure to broad clean-tech trends: energy efficiency, renewable energy, electric transportation, smart/connected homes and buildings, LED lighting


Strong cash flow, healthy balance sheet

Key Pillars

Power Integrations pioneered the market for highly integrated power-conversion ICs, introducing the industry’s first commercially successful monolithic high-voltage IC family, TOPSwitch™, in 1994. Since then POWI has remained solely focused on the power-conversion market, building a portfolio of products designed to make power converters smaller, simpler, more reliable, easier to design and manufacture, and more energy-efficient.

POWI’s EcoSmart™ technology, which drastically reduces standby power consumption in electronic products and appliances, has eliminated billions of dollars’ worth of energy waste in electronic products since 1998, preventing millions of tons of carbon emissions. LYTSwitch™ ICs power energy-saving LED lights, while BridgeSwitch™ motor-driver ICs improve the efficiency of appliances that use brushless DC motors. SCALE™ gate drivers are critical components in clean technologies such as solar and wind power, electric vehicles and more.

The company's stock is included in numerous clean-technology indexes including The Cleantech Index and Nasdaq Clean Edge Green Energy Index.

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Most electronic products need power supplies to convert high-voltage AC from a wall outlet to low-voltage DC. That gives POWI a vast addressable market encompassing consumer electronics, appliances, computers, mobile-device chargers, and many industrial applications.

This market is expanding thanks to new product introductions like BridgeSwitch motor-driver chips, and thanks to technology trends such as:

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Electrification of transportation as well as tools such as lawn mowers and vacuum cleaners

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Faster chargers for mobile devices

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Home-automation applications like USB wall outlets, smart thermostats

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Track Record of Above-Market Revenue Growth

  • 9.5% revenue CAGR since 2001 vs. 6.6% for analog semiconductors
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Strong Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Generation

  • $215M in cash flow from operations in 2022
  • No debt
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Returning Cash to Stockholders

  • 200% of free cash flow returned to stockholders in 2022
  • Share count down 12% since 2008 on share repurchases