Power Integrations Slashes Energy Waste with New EcoSmart® Charger Reference Design

June 7, 2005

3-Watt Charger Design Consumes Less Than 30 mW at No-Load

SAN JOSE, Calif. – June 7, 2005 – Power Integrations, Inc. (Nasdaq: POWI), the leading supplier of high-voltage integrated circuits used in power conversion and the inventor of EcoSmart energy-efficiency technology, today unveiled a 3-watt charger reference design that consumes less than 30 mW of no-load power. Typical applications for this design include cell phones, cordless phones, PDAs, MP3 players and other battery-powered portable equipment.

The new design, DI-84, consumes 97 percent less no-load energy than traditional linear transformer-based power supplies (otherwise known as "energy vampires") and easily beats the recently announced mandatory regulations from the California Energy Commission (CEC), which permit up to 500 mW of no-load energy consumption. No-load power, the energy consumed by a charger or adapter when it's not powering a device but is still plugged into a wall socket, is considered a major source of energy waste, costing consumers billions of dollars annually. The remarkable no-load power performance of the DI-84 is achieved through a combination of reducing the IC's internal power consumption, the low bias current design of the secondary feedback circuits, and efficient transformer design.

The 5 V, 600 mA charger is built around Power Integrations' popular TinySwitch®-II power conversion IC family and operates over the universal input voltage range from 85 VAC to 265 VAC. Besides providing a high level of energy efficiency, TinySwitch-II ICs also include safety and fault protection features not always found in lower-cost discrete MOSFET/PWM controller or ringing choke converter (RCC) circuit designs. These features include over-voltage protection, under-voltage lockout, and hysteretic thermal shutdown that protects the entire circuit from over-temperature faults. Additionally, this cost-effective solution easily meets CISPR-22 Class B conducted EMI limits without requiring a Y capacitor, contributing to the circuit's low component count and manufacturing cost and eliminating undesirable "touch current" in applications such as metal-encased cell phones.

"The sheer number and ubiquity of products that use external chargers and adapters makes their overall contribution to energy waste significant," said Doug Bailey, vice president of marketing at Power Integrations. "The DI-84 low-power charger design will allow manufacturers to rapidly bring products to market that exceed all worldwide mandatory and advisory efficiency and standby power consumption regulations."

This best-in-class design is available for downloading from the company Web site and represents another step in Power Integrations' on-going mission to eliminate the energy wasted in the billions of chargers and adapters that are sold each year.

Power Integrations offers the industry's most complete suite of design tools for designers of energy-efficient power supplies rated from under one watt to over 200 watts. Energy-efficient circuits that conform to current efficiency standards are highlighted on the Power Integrations Web site at www.powerint.com/appcircuits.htm. The Green Room section of company's Web site ( http://www.powerint.com/greenroom) provides an easy-to-use, comprehensive guide to energy-efficiency standards around the world as well as other topics relating to the design of energy-efficient power supplies.

About Power Integrations
Power Integrations, Inc. is the leading supplier of high-voltage analog integrated circuits used in power conversion. The company's breakthrough integrated-circuit technology enables compact, energy-efficient power supplies in a wide range of electronic products, in both AC-DC and DC-DC applications. The company's EcoSmart® energy-efficiency technology, which dramatically reduces energy waste, has saved consumers and businesses around the world more than an estimated $1 billion on their electricity bills since its introduction in 1998. For more information, visit the company's Web site at www.powerint.com. For information on global energy-efficiency standards and EcoSmart solutions, visit the Power Integrations Green Room at www.powerint.com/greenroom.

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