Power Integrations Solution Chosen by China’s Amoisonic

May 19, 2003

San Jose, Calif. - May 19, 2003 - Power Integrations Inc.,( Nasdaq: POWI), announced today that Amoisonic, one of China's leading manufacturers of consumer electronics, has chosen to use Power Integrations' TinySwitch-II IC to keep power consumption in its DVD products below one watt when in standby mode. This reduces energy waste from DVD power supplies to over 67 percent below the current three watt standard in China for DVD players.

"Many electronic products consume electricity even when they are turned off. This is particularly true for remote controlled devices that must standby to respond to the remote," said Balu Balakrishnan, CEO and 'Chief Energy Officer' of Power Integrations. "As a result, products such as DVD players, which are 'off' most of the time, can end up consuming more energy when 'off' than when they are used. Power Integrations EcoSmart ICs dramatically reduce this standby waste, which costs consumers nearly 10 percent of their household electric bill."

"Amoisonic's design is a very positive step for the environment and consumers, and a clear indication that saving energy can be accomplished cost effectively by high-volume manufacturers of electronic equipment," continued Balakrishnan. "As consumers add more electronic equipment to their homes, the need to conserve every watt becomes more critical. Governments around the world, including China, recognize this and are enacting more stringent legislation each year. In response, manufacturers are developing more energy-friendly products that use our efficient EcoSmart-based solutions."

"As a company, Amoisonic is committed to reducing energy consumption wherever possible and wanted to take a lead in reducing standby power waste in our DVD product," said Hong Xin Hua, Vice General Manager of Video Division Amoisonic. "Power Integrations' TinySwitch-II allows us to cost effectively reduce the standby energy waste in our DVD Models 8700 & 8900 to less than one watt. In addition, as a symbol of our commitment to energy conservation, we have elected to place Power Integrations' EcoSmart(TM) logo in our product manuals and promotional materials."

Power Integrations' energy efficient EcoSmart-based power conversion solutions allow appliance, electronics and power supply manufacturers to meet all current and proposed energy efficiency standards for power supplies. Insight, the company's distribution partner in China, is very active assisting customers like Amoisonic in the design of energy efficient solutions for many electronic products.

Information about the worldwide energy efficiency standards and the company's EcoSmart solutions available to help manufacturers meet the standards can be found on Power Integrations' Green Room at www.powerint.com/greenroom/.

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