Slaying the Energy Vampires

October 30, 2002
Power Integrations Enables Electronics Manufacturers to Cut the World's Electric Bill

San Jose, Calif. - October 30, 2002 - Energy vampires beware! This Halloween, Power Integrations CEO and CEO (that's Chief Energy Officer) Balu Balakrishnan is delivering a treat to corporate executives and energy officials: LinkSwitch(TM), the product that helps electronics manufacturers slay the 'energy vampires' that suck energy dollars from consumers worldwide. 'Energy vampires' are the large and heavy transformer-based power adapters and battery chargers in homes and businesses that continuously drain energy, even when the electronic devices they power aren't operating. Power Integrations, Inc. (Nasdaq: POWI), with its EcoSmart(TM) technology, is a pioneer in energy-friendly power conversion semiconductors.

In response to the global need to cut energy waste, Power Integrations has developed the LinkSwitch, an energy-smart semiconductor that enables electronics manufacturers to eliminate up to 90% of the power wasted by energy vampires in standby and no-load conditions and to shrink the size and weight of these adapters by up to 80%. In the last year, Power Integrations has participated in two roundtables with President Bush on innovative energy solutions and in July 2001 the President signed an executive order aimed at slaying the 'energy vampires.'

Unknown to most U.S. consumers, more than $4 billion -- or nearly 10% -- of the electricity they pay for every year is wasted powering products at home thought to be "off." Energy vampires include the bulky and heavy transformer adapters and chargers partnered with PDAs, cell phones, CD players, cordless phones, digital cameras, MP3 players, electric razors and many other household electronic devices. Replacing the vampires saves energy dollars and cuts the environmental impact of generating power that is wasted as heat.

Halloween Vampire-Slaying Kit

For Halloween, CEO and CEO Balakrishnan is sending "LINK the Vampire Slayer" on a worldwide mission to deliver 'Vampire Slaying Design Kits' to executives, politicians and energy regulators. The kits contain:


  • A LinkSwitch-powered lightweight, small and efficient adapter using EcoSmart technology
  • Software and design instructions to build energy efficient adapters using LinkSwitch
  • Energy and economic facts behind the potential savings of Power Integrations' solutions

"We need to responsibly power our instant-on, remote-control world," said CEO and CEO Balakrishnan. "I think it's fair to say that our use of new electronic gadgetry will not subside, so we must get the most from every watt of energy produced. Power Integrations is committed to helping manufacturers enable consumers to make smarter energy choices."

Pressure is mounting to reduce energy waste globally as consumers use more appliances requiring power or recharging. Energy agencies worldwide have created regulations to reduce the costly waste but the absence of technology has limited their ability to make the regulations stringent. The 1-Watt Executive Order by President Bush in July 2001 -- mandating that almost all household electronics and appliances purchased by the U.S. federal government by December 31, 2001 consume no more than one watt of input power when not in use -- is one of the most wide-reaching standards to date.

Power Integrations' EcoSmart technology enables power supply manufacturers to meet the 1-Watt standard. The company's current chip families allow manufacturers to meet or exceed all current and planned governmental regulations worldwide. It is estimated that LinkSwitch can slay up to one billion vampires produced annually worldwide.

Pulling the Plug on Energy Vampires

According to studies for the Energy Department by the Berkeley National Laboratories, standby wastes the equivalent of the power generated by 26 average-size power plants in the USA alone. This does not include the standby power wasted in businesses worldwide. All of this waste contributes to carbon dioxide emissions with no benefit to energy users.

In addition to being power-hungry, energy vampires often outweigh -- and outsize -- the electronic products they power. Vampires are heavy, bulky, often occupy two spaces on power strips, and are a nuisance when used with portable electronic devices like cell phones and PDAs. LinkSwitch will lighten the load for on-the-go consumers by enabling chargers that are up to 1/5 the size and weight of typical energy vampires.

Among those scheduled to receive kits are:

President George W. Bush
Spencer Abraham, Secretary of Energy
Energy Officials in State and Local Governments
International Energy Regulators
Energy Experts at Energy Star, the Department of Energy
American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy
Presidents and General Managers of select electronics manufacturers, including:
Cell Phones, Cordless Phones, Appliances, Adapter /Charger Manufacturers

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