Power Integrations Introduces TinySwitch(TM) Family of Energy-Efficient ICS for Power Supplies

September 28, 1998
New EcoSmart(TM) Technology Cuts Energy Leaks in a Wide Range of Electronic Products

Sunnyvale, Calif.-Sept. 28, 1998 - Power Integrations, Inc. (NASDAQ: POWI), a leading provider of high-voltage power conversion circuitry, today announced the TinySwitch(TM) family of integrated circuits (ICs) for power supplies in a broad range of electronic products. TinySwitch ICs - based on the company's EcoSmart(TM) technology - enables a new class of light, compact, energy-efficient power supplies.

Virtually "Pulls the Plug" on Energy Waste

"Power Integrations is offering a solution to energy leakage, a multibillion dollar, worldwide problem that is invisible to most consumers," said Howard Earhart, president and CEO of Power Integrations, Inc. "Take cell phone chargers. If you leave your charger plugged in with no phone attached - and most people do - it continually leaks energy. Our technology essentially 'pulls the plug' on this type of waste."

"Power Integrations' TinySwitch represents a significant advance in power conversion technology for cell phone charger applications," said Heikki Turtiainen, vice president of research and development for Salcomp Oy, a Nokia company. "Europe is leading an effort to reduce the no-load energy used by cell phone chargers, and TinySwitch will help us achieve this goal."

The Costs of Energy Leakage

Energy leakage occurs even when users think their electronics are turned off. A TV that is apparently "off," for example, is continually using stand-by power to support its "instant on" feature. Leakage also occurs when products are plugged into the wall but not in use (no-load mode). AC adapters and rechargers alone cost U.S. consumers an estimated $500 million a year in no-load leakage.

According to a recent study by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, U.S. consumers spend over $3.5 billion a year to power products they think are turned off. Leaking electricity is responsible for an estimated 45 billion kilowatt hours of electricity consumed in the U.S.

New Guidelines Driving Innovations

Major manufacturers are signing up to meet new energy savings guidelines established by government programs like the EPA's Energy Star and Germany's Blue Angel. TinySwitch ICs enable electronic manufacturers to meet or exceed these new stricter guidelines in a cost-effective manner. EcoSmart technology reduces no-load power consumption to less than 100 milliwatts as compared to a typical AC adapter that uses ten to twenty times more energy.

"Energy savings, design simplicity and low cost make TinySwitch a compelling choice for home appliance control applications," said Henno Schotten, director of research and development at Germany's AKO-WERKE GmbH, a leading supplier of electronic controls for home appliances in Europe. EcoSmart technology utilizes extremely low-current circuit techniques and a new "Efficiency Mode" control method to dramatically simplify design of low energy consumption power supplies.

Design Support Tools/Product Availability

The TinySwitch family is supported by a very comprehensive suite of design tools that can be accessed through the company's web site at www.powerint.com. Several transformer manufacturers are also preparing to offer transformers for TinySwitch to further accelerate the design-in process.

In 10,000-piece quantities, unit prices range from $0.75 to $0.81. Devices are available in 8-pin DIP and 8-pin SMD in tape-and-reel or rails. Samples are available through an authorized Power Integrations distributor or sales representative.

About Power Integrations

Power Integrations, Inc. is the leading supplier of high voltage analog integrated circuits for use in AC to DC power conversion applications. For more information, visit the company's web site at www.powerint.com or contact the company at 477 North Mathilda Ave., Sunnyvale, Calif. 94086. Phone: (408) 523-9200. Fax: (408) 523-9300.

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