Because AC-DC power supplies are used in all manner of power-consuming products, POWI serves a vast addressable market encompassing consumer electronics, appliances, computers, mobile-device chargers, and countless industrial applications such as “smart” utility meters. Through organic development and selective acquisitions, POWI has steadily expanded its addressable market by extending its reach to ever-higher power levels. With the addition of the Hiper™ product family in 2010, POWI now addresses AC-DC applications up to approximately 500 watts; the 2012 acquisition of CT-Concept extended this range even further, adding products to address applications up to a gigawatt.

Expanded Power Range = Larger Addressable Market

POWI’s market opportunity is expanding further thanks to developments in the mobile-device market. As smartphones continue to incorporate larger batteries to support bigger screens and more power-hungry features, chargers need to supply more power to ensure that charge times don’t become unacceptably long. Higher-power chargers create a need for efficient, highly integrated components such as POWI’s InnoSwitch™ products.

Rapid Charging – Emerging Trend in Mobility

Conventional charging
With POWI Chipset
  • More power needed to charge bigger batteries faster
  • Demands ICs with high integration and maximum efficiency
  • InnoSwitchTM + ChiPhyTM Interface Chip = More POWI content





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