POWI is a recognized leader in energy-efficiency technology. The company’s EcoSmart™ technology, which drastically reduces standby power consumption in electronic products and appliances, has eliminated billions of dollars’ worth of energy waste in electronic products since 1998. LYTSwitch™ ICs power energy-saving LED lights, while BridgeSwitch™ motor-driver ICs power improve the efficiency of appliances that use brushless DC motors. SCALE™ gate drivers are critical components in clean technologies such as high-voltage DC transmission lines, solar and wind power, electric transportation and more.

Recognized Leader in Clean Technology


Slashing Standby Power Waste

POWI’s LinkZero™ ICs virtually eliminate “no-load” consumption in adapters and auxiliary power supplies.


EcoSmart Technology Saves Energy

  • >13 billion EcoSmart chips sold since 1998
  • Over 110B kWh of standby energy saved
  • >$10B saved by end users
  • Millions of tons of CO2 emissions averted


Powering Energy-Efficient Lighting

LYTSwitch™ ICs enable compact, reliable, efficient power supplies for LED lighting applications including bulbs, tubes, street lights and more.

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